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Bernese MOuntain dog

Hello patricia,
just a follow up on Rosko. He  is AMAZING. We absolultly love him. Even though he is a lot  of work with hair we still love him. He doesn't eat much at all. he weighs over 100 pounds and still doesn't get along with the cats (we are still working on that). Here are a couple of pics for you to put on your website of the big boy
thanks the Chamneys

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Puppy

This is Kai owned by Kiana and Joel Bergsma.

Her birthday is Feburary 15th. I attached some pictures of her including pictures of her 1st birthday party. She is just a delight and such a happy dog!! Thanks again!!!

Kiana and Joel Bergsma

bernese close up

bernese mountain dog close up

Bernese Mountain dog close up

bernese mountain dog


This is Bentley, born Feb 15, 2009. (Veruschka & Daiko)

Bernese Dog

Owned by Mike & Cheryl Pabich

He is so handsome!

We never go out without being stopped by someone wanting to comment on how stunning he looks.

As we celebrate his first birthday, we wanted to thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family.

Bentley loves romping in the snow, snuggling on the couch, and wrestling with his  brother Einstein (Golden Retriever).

His temperament is fantastic… he has just been accepted into the pet therapy dog training program.

He is truly a joy, and we can’t wait to share him with the residents in the nursing homes.

If anyone has any questions, they can contact us at 262-860-8808.  We’ll be back soon for our next Berner!

Mike & Cheryl Pabich

Christmas 2010

This is a photo of the BENTLEY ( puppy on right) owned by Jan,Dale and Remy Weilgus of Arizonia,USA. Dale flew here to pick up Bentley. Dale and Jan allowed me to share this beautiful photo of Remy and Bentley at a christmas pary they had with their bernese club in Arizonia. Bentley is a beautiful male puppy out of Heidi and Dominque Benoit. He is 6 months old in this picture. Remy and Bentley are best friends.

Dog Of The Month


This is a photo of DUCHESS and Dash(neighbours dog) owned by Tracey and Phil Rosato of Markham, Ontario. Tracey sent me a christmas card with this  beautiful  newspaper clipping  allowing  me  to share with my puppy clients. Tracey said that she is the most beautiful dog in the world. She has quite the personality and their trainer thinks she is the smartest and picks up SO quickly. DUCHESS  is a female out of Veruschka and Daiko.









This is a photo of CARRIE and Adam Hunter. They live in Muschoka Ontario. They like to hike, shovel snow,watch movies together. Carrie follows Adam everywhere he goes and never leave his side. Their trips to town makes everyone stop as they think she is such a beautiful dog!!! Carrie is from Heidi and Dominque Benoit. This is the first dog that Adam has ever spent time with and he just adores Carrie. Carrie is 6 months old in this picture.


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