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Bernese Mountain Dog Gallery

Bernese Mountain dog pictures
bernese mountain dog on mountain
This is Ella when she was a puppy. The 2nd picture was taken at the top of Mt. Lafayette. This was Ella's first mountain adventure.
bernese mountain dog picture
zoey bernese mountain dog
Zoey is owned by Denise.
Her sister (Willow) is in the picture below.
Meet Willow, she is owned by Steve and Cecile.
bernese mountain dog puppy pictures
Willow is getting bigger and has already graduated from puppy kindergarten at the top of her class. She is so smart she skipped grade 1 and is now starting grade 2! She loves going to the trailer and relaxing.
Bernese mountain dog Male
Reilly is owned by Alissa. What a good looking boy!
bernese mountain dog picture
This is Mozart. He is owned by the Coulombe family. Cooper ,seen below is his brother!. He has excelled in puppy class and is a very obidient boy!
bernese mountain dog gallery
This is Cooper. He is owned by Christy  and Bill Kraus. Cooper already knows how to sit, stay, shake a paw and he even gives kisses on command! What a smart boy! You can already see that nice stocky berner look coming out and he is only 2.5 months old in this picture. What a handsome boy!
bernese mountain dog with a hat on
bernese mountain dog
berner in tub
Meet Brelle
She is our new little super model. As you can tell she does a great job at modeling . These ads would get anyones attention! She is owned by the Hanson's.
Toblerone is owned by Leeanne and Doug. Her parents are Delma and Riley! She is going to be a big girl!
This is Bosely. He is out of Joanie and Riley. He is owned by Marc and lives in Aurora, ON! He was 3 months old when this picture was taken!
Meet Gracie and Skyler. They are owned by Bob and Carole. They are from Michigan and drove to my place to pick up their 2 pups!.
bernese mountain dog puppies
This is Max. He lives in Newfoundland with Graham, Pauline and their new baby Nathan!  Pauline says he is very gentle and very well mannere around Nathan!

Meet Miles and Heather enjoying a fun day in the snow!
Bandit is now 6 months old! Must be nice to live on the beach!
bernese mountain dog 1.5 years
Meey Brea and Gus! Brea was a puppy out of the very first dog I started to breed!  Brea is now owned by Karrie and Eric. They loved Brea so much they now have a little brother for her named Gus(Well a big brother now!). He is one of Joanie's pups!
Beutiful bernese mountain dog
beutiful bernese mountain dog puppy
Meet Koen. Koen is 6 months old. Lindsay say's he's doing great and they absolutely love him. He has also adopted some of their last dogs traits......... good traits of course! Koen also loves to protect their properaty, chasing peacocks who use to visit frequently and baby racoons....... Lindsay calls him the protector although all he wants to do is play with them. Koen is very active and sometimes gets in his devilish moods (like all pups do at times). His face actually changes when he is feeling devilish........ it's very cute. Anway Lindsay says they are as happy as could be with him!
bernese mountain dog partners